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Our Comedians for November 7th @7:00 click on the Laff Inn Logo at the bottom of the Page for ticket


Armed with Impressions and caffeine, Cal has been taking his high energy act to comedy clubs all over the country. Ever since he was a small child he was making people laugh by doing impressions. Now cow combines hilarious dead on Impressions with edgy high energy and takes to make audiences everywhere cry laughing.


Curt Fletcher is one of the top young entertainers in the universe.

Originally from the mean cornfields of Iowa, he ditched his rap career as M.C. Food $tamp and took his dry sense of humor to the desert.

Curt realized he delivered punchlines faster than he could deliver pizzas and his comedy career began. Shortly after starting comedy he won the 2003 Great Southwest Laff Off, beating out 21 other comics, including Marc Shuter, who’s balding.

In 2005, he made his acting debut starring in independent film, "," and in 2006’s "Pink Slipped." Recently he played Nazi Soldiers in the movies, "Valkyre" and "Inglorious Basterds," but now has a wicked case of Hitler Elbow. He also used to get mistaken as the crazy kid, Danny Torrance from "The Shining."

In 2007, he advanced to the semifinals of HBO’s Lucky 21 contest. He also performed for the University of New Mexico football team before their bowl game.(New Mexico won 23-0, Curt thinks it’s because of him.)

Curt, is clever, twisted, and has a dead pan delivery that few can pull off. He also has a bed pan delivery service that no can pull off.

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