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Comedy for January9th at The Bridges

JILL Kimmel - The Headliner

This married mother of two has always had an appreciation for performing and making people laugh, but didn't discover her true calling of stand-up comedy until July of 2006. Since then, she’s worked with Jimmy Fallon, Norm Macdonald, Jeffrey Ross, Robert Schimmel and other great comedians at Stand-Up Live, the Improvs, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and other respected venues around the country. Jill was personally asked to emcee a fundraiser by world-renowned musician Nils Lofgren, who also performed at the event, and has been a favorite at the comedy events held by The Jack Morton Foundation, an Arizona-based group that raises money to

fund pediatric cancer research.

Jill is the only female in The Comedy Squadron, a group of five very funny comedians who perform for the U.S. military. In the spring of 2013, the group traveled to Germany, Belgium and England to provide some much-needed comedic relief and help boost morale at 8 different military bases. It

was the experience of a lifetime that Jill cherishes as her greatest comedic

accomplishment to date.

On the last Wednesday of every month, Jill books and hosts the "Comedy

Gold Showcase" at Stand-Up Live which culls together the best and

brightest from the Valley’s booming comedy scene. And every Tuesday night

you can catch Jill hosting her own comedy show at Dos Gringos, a sports

bar in Tempe, AZ, where the comedy is mediocre and the food is Mexican.

Plus, you can now hear Jill on the radio as the brains and voice behind the

weekly segment, “What A Mouth” on the syndicated, “Lu Valentino Show.”

Tune in to ( every Friday at

6:20pm PST to hear Jill’s opinions on current events happening in

entertainment, sports and politics. If it’s annoying her, she wants you to

know about it.

Don’t miss this up and coming talent!

Greg was moved about the country frequently throughout his childhood by parents on the run from something. What? No one quite knows. A!ending a di"erent school year a#er year. Alwaysthe new kid. He learned early to use his sense of humor and joke-telling ability to make friends and ward o" poten'al bullies. He spent fourteen years in educa'on honing his comedic skills and even doing a bit of teaching as well. Using humor to engage and entertain colleagues, students and occasionally pu*ng a bully in their place. Drawing his comedy from a unique nomadic childhood, as the child of a stoic immigrant father, personal rela'onships and yes, even from his experiences as a teacher. Since taking to the stand-up stage, Greg has traveled overseas performing for the military and will be doing so again in July 2014. Greg has had the opportunity to work with comedians like Bob Marley, David Spade, Ritch Shydner, Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Paul Reiser, etc. In great venues like the Tempe Improv, Gotham, The Ice House, Stand-Up Live. Greg con'nues to grow as a storyteller and a truly entertaining and engaging comedian.

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