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Comedians for May 14th Show at Canyon Creek

Eddie Jarvis is a Los Angeles-based, stand-up comedian who is originally from Riverside, California –

(insert joke here). As a professional stand-up comedian with more than a decade of experience he’s

performed at a number of major clubs, including The Improv, The Comedy Store and The Ice House. He

has also opened for David Brenner, Pablo Francisco and several major rock bands. In addi/on, he’s

been featured on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” BET’s “Comic View” and the Sprint Comedy

Time Network. As an actor he’s appeared in both 4lm and television and was recently featured on

ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” Audiences love Eddie’s bi/ngly sharp observa/ons of everything from

na/onal poli/cs to NASCAR. His comedy act is gut-bus/ng due in large part to his ability to work the

crowd, which makes every show unique.

An economics major as an undergrad, Eddie was originally trained as a lawyer. But he ul/mately chose

comedy over the law and has never looked back. His career has sent him across the country, everywhere

from Hollywood to entertaining the troops overseas.

Gibran The Comegician! is an eccentric comedian/magician (hence comegician ) whose bizarre humor and

unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original performers in the Southwest.

Praised for his sharp wit and bizarre but entertaining humor he quickly gained notoriety for his improvisational skills and mastery of audience participation acts. Based out of El Paso Texas, he is quickly rising as one of the funniest act in both comedy and magic! Gibran Saad has been performing for large audiences since he was 15 years old. A professional working magician at the age of 18, he worked at nationally renowned Illusions Restaurant and the short-lived MagicMoments Restaurant in

Indianapolis Indiana.

At the age of 17 he began working at a Texas Roadhouse franchise as their resident magician. It was this job that gained him local attention and the following year he began working in the newly opened MagicMoments Restaurant, an upscale restaurant located in downtown Indianapolis where he performed for the important political figures, Indy 500 drivers, and several events for fortune 500 companies. He gained notoriety within the Magic community for his sharp wit and quick improvisational skills. In 2000 he began working for the national renowned Illusions Restaurant a place famously known as the launching pad for some of the nations top magical performers. He met famous magicians Penn & Teller, Carl Andrews, Harry Riser, and Mike Close

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