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Comedians for August 6th

John Hilder was born and raised in the comedic hotbed of Salt Lake City, Utah. As a child John annoyed friends, family, and teachers with his endless attempts at making those around him laugh. Through the years John’s love of connecting with, and entertaining people through comedy only grew, and in 2004 he moved to Las Vegas to pursue alife in comedy. John’s stand-up career began in some of the worst bars and clubs Las Vegas had to offer, but with hisquirky wit, unparalleled originality and fearless attitude on stage, John quickly rose above the fray to become one of the most respected local comedians in the city. In 2006 John was featured in a “Las Vegas Weekly” cover story discussing local comedy in Las Vegas. John was also a contributing writer and featured member of the “Las Vegas Laughs Street Team” on the FOX television affiliate in Las Vegas in 2006. John also produced, ran, and performed in several successful comedy shows in Las Vegas, including a show he organized in late 2007 that was sponsored by HBO’s “Comedy Festival.” In January of 2010 John released his first full length CD entitled “Johnsense.” Needless to say it is taking the country by storm. John’s unique view of the world and cynical, yet goofy attitude has made him a favorite in casinos all over the Las Vegas Strip, and in clubs and colleges throughout the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this quick-witted, hilarious young comic on his way up, years before his imminent,and heartbreaking demise.

Chad Filley is the Renegade Teacher. Chad took the Minnesota comedy scene by storm in 2010. He has appeared in numerous comedy clubs in the Upper Midwest, California, Alaska, and Las Vegas. Most of Chad's material comes from his everyday life. With a resume including survival in the trenches of parenthood, matrimony, high school teaching and coaching, and firefighting, he is able to combine these experiences with a humorous spin, helping him turn everyday events into comical stories. Teaching social studies and sex education at Independent School District No. 666 has given Chad plenty of stand-up ammunition. His beloved school district was named the fifth worst school district in America byNewsweek Magazine (April 1, 2011). Chad's only response was "How bad are four, three, two, and one?"

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