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Comedians for the September 10th Show

Armon Williams is talented & hysterical. Armon is a little Jamie Foxx, Dave Chappelle & Wayans Brothers wrapped up in one! He began performing standup comedy over eight years ago & his career took off after getting discovered by a talent scout out of LA who invited him to take part in a nationally syndicated XM Satellite radio show and later to perform at the world famous Hollywood Improve. He's a national touring comedian who's performed at comedy clubs, casinos, fund raisers, corporate events and he's worked with such comedy A-Listers as: Patrice O'Neal, David Allen Grier, Mark Curry, Tony Roberts, etc. Armon also doubles as an actor, model, radio host and sports television analyst. Armon's comedy is a lighthearted insight on his own life having grown up as an African American minority in a Anglo-Saxon suburban community where he developed his mental perspective and much of his comedic wit entertaining his peers in order to fit in and gain their acceptance, approval and even admiration. He also talks on the subjects he has a deep passion for such as sports, religion, politics, the quirkiness of the music & entertainment industry, and just the bizarre and odd things in life. Like the city he's from, Armon is a rising Phoenix whose mission is to torch every stage he performs on (not literally though, because that would be highly illegal).

Originally from Glendale, Arizona. Jorge is a 4th Generation American 5th Generation Arizonan. Entertains different audiences wherever he performs. He shares a variety of topics, from living in Arizona, to growing up in a variety ofneighborhoods and cultures. Don't quit on anything you want to do. Just do it.Don't quit on anything you want to do. Just do it. I had a dream many yrs ago that I was performing stand-up comedy. In the past 5 plus yrs I have been fulfilling that dream. My biggest supporters are my family, friends and people I make laugh. As a comic Jorge has the ability to excel in any environment. Don't quit on anything you want to do. Just do it. Jorge’s offbeat perspective on comedy crosses all racial and ethnic lines, and goes over well with everyone from college age audiences, to a more mature crowd.Jorge's greatest comedic attribute is that he will have you laughing at yourself and your very own family by the end of the night. Jorge has the skill to write jokes that are relate able to just about everyone in the room.You can ask anyone who has seen Jorge’s show, they would tell you it's great and hilarious! His energy and animation, mixed in with funny pantomimes, leaves audiences in laughter. His personal life experiences help create a fantastic act..

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