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Comedians for OCTOBER 8th 2016 (back to the Bridges)


After winning "The Funniest Person in SMU Contest" in 1995, Claude fell in love with and began pursuing stand-up comedy. (SMU technically stands for Southern Methodist University; however, Claude is convinced it is an acronym for Sex, Money and Underwear.) He has been professionally rocking comedy clubs, colleges, casinos and private

parties throughout the world for the last 11 years. Whether Claude is performing in a sold-out theater to thousands of fans or in a rowdy bar to strangers who look like co-stars from Roadhouse, he always gives 100% and is able to connect with just about anybody. Claude has done numerous USO tours; and he has been seen in many national commercials, including Doritos, Honda, Heneiken, Jeep Cherokee, Grapenuts and Midol. (Seriously.) Claude worked for HBO’s "Dennis Miller Live!" for three seasons; he has also appeared in television shows such as Fox’s

"That 70s Show", Fox Sports Net’s "The Best Damn Sports Show, Period!", MTV’s "Yo Mama!", Spike TV’s

"Oblivious!", NBC’s "Last Comic Standing (Season Two)", E’s "Talk Soup!", and Fox’s "Beverly Hills 90210". Claude has also appeared in feature films like Starship Troopers, Man on the Moon; and the upcoming comedy Welcome to Hollywood!, produced by Don Faison of NBC’s "Scrubs". Claude is also the star of "Dick Nobody", the recent hit series for the Comedy Time Network. So... What can you expect from this optimistic, hyperactive dyslexic from Mississippi? Well, Claude is a human cartoon onstage. His hilarious physicality; his shameless stories of his consistently bad luck; his unpredictable audience improv; and his nonstop energy make Claude Stuart stand out as a unique, top-notch "must-see" comedian!


John Burton’s comedy blends real-life anecdotes and gut-busting one-liners with a rapid-fire,

animated delivery that has been thrilling audiences throughout the states for the past ten years.

Initially influenced by legendary comedians like Dave Attell and Greg Giraldo, John’s style has evolved to include a more candid focus and more audience interaction. With a fast- paced style that can range from sarcastic to absurd, it is hard to believe that John is a former attorney who

once specialized in tax law. John kicked off his comedy career in after being fired by a prestigious law firm. A short while later, John moved to Chicago and studied improvisation at the Improv Olympic, Annoyance, Comedy Sportz, and world famous Second City Theaters. He honed his stand-up skills at various windy city venues before hitting the road full-time. John’s act consists of mostly PG-13 material that could be heard on virtually any late night television show. Audience members often rave about how they enjoyed both his jokes and funny facial expressions, which John takes as testimony to the fact that he can connect with his audience on multiple levels

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