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Comedians for November 12th Comedy Show at The Bridges

 Spencer James’s unique blend of fresh standup mixed in with his sometimes excruciating family life and everyday observations has been entertaining audiences since he was 17. His film and acting credits stretch all the way from NBC’s “North Shore” to “Lost” to performing for the fishermen of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, made famous by the hit TV show “Deadliest Catch.” His home club of “Comedy Works” is based out of Denver, CO, but most of his time is spent performing at comedy clubs, military bases, and colleges around the nation. Spencer has opened for the likes of “Last Comic Standing’s” Tye Barnett, Comedy Central’s Jimmy Dore, and Rocky Laporte to name a few. Spencer was a participant at the World Talent Convention in 2002, was the MVP of Comedy Works Funny Final Four Contest, 2005, and was a featured performer of the Boulder Comedy Contest in 2009.

Keith Lyle was born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago. Well... It was the suburbs, but it was still tough. His house was filled with the loud, loving tirades of his family. Having been immersed in a 2 parent home, the yelling never stopped. Because of this, he had a difficult time fitting in at school. Realizing that making people laugh is truly a gift that keeps on giving, Keith began to develop his strong sense of humor.

First with improvisation, and now though stand up, he continues to take his reality and make it funny.

He has been in several commercials and TV shows. His biggest role to date was having 4 lines in the blockbuster movie “The Hangover”, playing the 21 dealer.

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