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April 8th Comedy Show at The Bridges at 7:00

Ron's energetic show earned him a nomination to the list of the top five comics in the country by the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINES JOURNAL. His show includes characters, music and impressions. This veteran funny man has kept people laughing from coast to coast for many years... In addition to his constant touring of America's premiere comedy clubs, (He is a long time regular of the Improvs in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe) Ron has spent much time and many tours entertaining our troops for the USO in places like Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Italy, and South Korea. Ron has also been featured as an actor on NFL Films, PBS, A&E, and a recurring role on Snoop Dogg's MTV show, "DOGGYFIZZLE TELEVIZZLE"… Ron is also a regular at the Improv in Hollywood CA, and has opened for many major and diverse stars (complete list on request) such as George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Ellen DeGeneres, and D.L. Hughley to name just a few.

Joel Bryant's set focuses on two things: The comedy club can still be a place to go and just laugh and the live experience is worth the two-item minimum. Keeping this in mind, don't worry about being lectured to, brainwashed or cajoled at Joel's show. You may think, but please keep all thinking to a reasonable level. Being live allows Joel to flex his pleasantly unhinged thoughts, often bringing his material to the audience and going off on whatever tangent they want to communally go off on. The audience is a part of the show. Without them, Joel's just in a padded cell rambling to blank walls. His sets are often off-the-cuff and his energy is often on-the-caffeine. He may bring up a set-up he's used before, but where it goes is anyone's guess. Just go along with him. He's a pop culture junkie, a well-read jester and a guy's guy on a night out with the girls. He has a thick resume, including films ("The Heartbreak Kid," "Valkyrie," "Music Within"), TV ("Monk," "Harry's Law," "You Are Nothing" [pilot with Henry Winkler and Maria Bamford]) and New Media (including nominations and wins as "Best Actor" at numerous festivals). He's hosted on a number of shows, pilots and live events and has leant his voice to raising money for a number of charity events, pocketing quite a few karma points in the process (which he plans to cash in soon). His bio says he grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but that would imply that he "grew up." He honed his mantra of "Don't take life's not permanent" while living in Los Angeles, and now plies that to any venue, from private parties to corporate events, from colleges and clubs all over the US to supporting our servicemen and women overseas. There's not a corner of this globe that couldn't use a good laugh, good conversation and a few minutes to forget about reality for a while. You may have to be 21 to get in the club, but there's no reason to spend the night being an adult!

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