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SEPTEMBER 9th in the Backyard at the B&B @8:00


Stand up Comic Spencer Dobson is a stand up comic with over 2 decades of professional experience. In 2015 he released a new CD "It'll be Fun" and was invited to both the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival and The Derby City Comedy Festival. In 2014 He was on Comcast's "Trial by Laughter" Spencer performs at "A" list Clubs, Corporate Parties, One Nighters and Casinos. Spencer's career started in Minneapolis, where he honed his skills and worked with some of the finest comics ever to grace a stage. Spencer was then invited to the prestigious HBO Comedy Arts Festival, which acted as a spring board to Los Angeles, the home of entertainment. In the Mid 2000's Spencer returned to the Mid West from L.A. to care for his sick and aging family. Since 2010 Spencer has been making a name for himself at comedy clubs and private functions in the Midwest. Spencer's act covers a lot of ground, it's a little dark, kind of clever and very funny. Whether he's riffing on technology, his love life or his family, Spencer always finds the funny.

When Gary retired as an airline captain he started a new career as a stand-up comedian; he never looked back. For a number of years he has been performing in many of the major casinos from Washington to Arizona and numerous comedy clubs. He just finished a major USO tour entertaining our military.

He takes the audience on a journey known as life through a comedian's viewpoint. He touches on growing up, parents, dating, relationships, getting older, being a husband, and father. In short, most areas that all of us have experienced through life, but in a very fun and funny way. He also gives us a glimpse at life as an airline captain and time spent in Viet-Nam as a combat veteran. His likeable, funny manner has pleased audiences wherever he has performed. More than ever, America needs laughter and Gary delivers.

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