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Comedy moves to The Bridges

Gibran “Gibbs” Saad AKA Gibbs The Comegician! is a stand-up comedian and sometimes magician whose bizarre humor and unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original performers in the Southwest. Praised for his sharp wit and bizarre but entertaining humor he quickly gained notoriety for his standup comedy, improvisational skills and mastery of audience participation acts.Based out of El Paso Texas, Gibran Saad has been performing for large audiences since the age of fifteen. A professional working magician before he graduated high school, he worked at the nationally renowned (now defunct) Illusions Restaurant and the short-lived MagicMoments Restaurant in Indianapolis Indiana. MagicMoments Restaurant, an upscale restaurant located in downtown Indianapolis, is where he developed his magical skills learning from seasoned pros and performing for local political figures, Indy 500 drivers, NBA & NFL players and several events for fortune 500 companies. He gained notoriety within the Magic community for his sharp wit and quick improvisational skills on and off the stage. In 2000 he began working for the national renowned Illusions Restaurant a place famously known as the launching pad for some of the nations top magical performers. He met famous magicians Penn & Teller, Carl Andrews, Harry Riser, and Mike Close.Moving to El Paso Texas in 2002, performing took a back seat to college and life. But in 2007 he developed “The Comegician” character which incorporates equal amounts of standup comedy and magic. As The Comegician!, Gibran has performed at comedy clubs like Laff’s Comedy Café, El Paso Comic Strip, The Sun City Comedy Traveling Club & The Laugh Inn, venues throughout the southwest like Cine El Rey, Buffalo Thunder Casino and The Inn of the Mountain Gods and he has headline events such as The Powder Keg Mountain Festival in Taos New Mexico. Gibran is also an award winning philantrophist investing his time and efforts in several local charities including, El Paso Foster Parent Association, Phi Delta Theta, Reynolds house, El Paso Police Department, and the U.S. Army as well as many private charity events. Gibran is not a comedy magician nor a magic comedian, Gibran’s act incorporates the best of both worlds! He is the one and only Gibran the Comegician! Simply Amazing…

For 10 years, Omar Tarango has been making comedy club audiences laugh all across the

country. His clean delivery of material and clever approaches for delivering “edgier” content has

made him a comedy club favorite.

Now part of the nationally touring production, The Latin Comedy Jam, Omar Tarango has shared

the limelight with comedians Paul Rodriguez (Latin Kings of Comedy), Carlos Mencia (Mind of

Mencia), Doug Stanhope (The Man Show on Comedy Central), Brian Scolaro (Comedy Central)

Felipe Esparza (Last Comic Standing), Johnny Sanchez (MADtv), and Willie Barcena (Showtime),

just to name a few!

Omar Tarango has strutted his stuff in front of Last Comic Standing producers, been selected to

compete in the nationwide competition The World Series of Comedy two years in a row, and is a

featured performer on the Latin Comedy Jam Tour!

Fresh off a Live Taping at the Scottsdale Laugh Factory, set to air later this year, on the CW

Network, Omar Tarango continues to tour the country, leaving behind a slew of laughing new fans

in his wake! Omar Tarango is the face of a new comedy generation. Those who have seen him in

action will always come back for a dose of more of this hilarious young star in the making!

Born and raised in the state of Texas, Omar Tarango shares his unique perspective on, culture,

family, marriage, money and a slew of other psychiatric chair issues. Omar Tarango delivers each

and every time he hits the stage! Don’t miss this “Diamond in the rough”! The laughs are

guaranteed to be explosive

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