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It was Bob Saget who contacted Norm and asked him to come to California to film a spot for the CBS Morning Comedy series he was hosting at the time. It was 1987 and Norm took to the sky to find Hollywood for the first of many times.

Bud Freidman from the Improv in Los Angeles was a judge in Detroit for The Johnny Walker Comedy Competition. This was the midwest regional finals, before televised shows, and “producers” having a word on who was the best. Just a good old live comic verses comic throw down. Norm not only won the competition, Bud himself asked Norm to come to Los Angeles to film an episode of An Evening at the Improv for the A & E Network.

As winner of the Johnny Walker contest, Norm and other regional winners were sponsored by National Lampoon and flown to Las Vegas to film the National Competition for Showtime Network. Norm worked with Leslie Neilsen.The award winning CBS television show filmed a documentary entitled “Survival of the Funniest” and Erin Moriarty followed Norm through a normal day in his life. The film crew followed Norm as he shopped, ate and prepared for the evenings competition in Detroit. Norm won that competition and the show aired before the Showtime special. Norm has appeared on many local television commercials and comedy specials.

Corporate America has found Norm Stulz as well. Norm has performed for hundreds of corporations such as General Motors, General Foods, Westinghouse, Dow Chemical, the FBI, National Sheriff’s Convention, along with numerous others. The ability to hit any language parameter allows Norm to perform for audiences in any setting, from a fourth grade schoolroom to a gated senior center.


There’s a reason Scott Shaffer is a booking favorite in every room of his hometown, Kansas City. Delivering a consistently dynamic performance of quick wit coupled with intelligent writing, Shaffer is an undeniable crowd favorite. Scott was awarded second place in the St. Louis Make Me Laugh Comedy Contest and won the Last Laffs Comedy Competition. In 2015 he performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival with the likes of Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer.

While touring all over the country, Shaffer has shared the stage with countless stand-up comedy icons - Aries Spears, Nikki Glaser, Joe Torry, Christian Finnegan, Josh Wolf, and Bobcat Goldthwait just to name a few. Downright hilarious and original, Scott Shaffer is one to watch.

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