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April 7 Comedy at The Bridges


As a kid, all Rich ever wanted to be was a platinum selling singer/songwriter. After releasing an R&B album that went “wood in the hood,” (his Mom and 3 of his friends bought copies) Rich parlayed his innate sense of humor into a career in comedy. Rich made his mark in Houston by hosting events alongside a number of celebrities including Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys II) Tyrese Gibson (Transformers), Cedric The Entertainer (Kings of Comedy), Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), Red Grant (Katt Williams’ “American Hustle”), and Tony Rock (“The Tony Rock Project”). He has appeared in myriad World Renowned venues including the Hollywood and Houston Improv, the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. His first standup DVD “Demotape” has sold thousands of copies, and with his 2nd standup DVD in the works, Rich is taking the comedy world by storm!

Joseph Nybyk

Has been a working comic for ten years. His first job in Hollywood was working as a door guy at the World Famous Comedy Store, he has since gone on to appear at over a hundred comedy clubs and colleges around the world. After a brief stint as a reporter with the Mesa Tribune, Joseph Nybyk moved to Los Angeles and worked in the marketing department of Paramount Pictures. While visiting his parents in Arizona he tried out for a part in the movie Jerry Maguire which was shooting in Phoenix on location as a joke and got a small role. That very summer Joseph booked a movie of the week and two national commercials. Since moving to Los Angeles Joseph has since shot several national commercials and appeared in a handful of television shows and films like Baywatch, Lethal Invasion, The Ride, and Pitching Brilliance. In March of 2000 Joseph performed at a open mic in Hollywood on a dare and what began simply as random musings about his interaction with celebrities while tending bar in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel has evolved into a collection of clever and sometimes biting observations about human behavior and the modern mating ritual. He tours clubs up and down the West Coast in addition to performing at several of New York and LA’s hottest comedy clubs. Serving drinks has never sparked such an explosion of comedic material!

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