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October 6 Comedy at The Bridges

Darryl has released his 8th comedy & music recording entitled "Rhoades....All Over The Map". The CD was aptly titled as it contained various musical styles such as jazz, country, swing, heavy metal, rockabilly and more. Also, on this CD are versions of a couple of his songs recorded live in a rare radio interview and recorded live standup from the Punchline in Atlanta. Darryl Rhoades is a member of EntertainmentMax clean comedy division.

Leah Wyman, originally from Huntington Beach, started off working in politics before doing comedy. She performs both stand-up and improv all over California, including at The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Ice House, and many others. Leah has a high-energy, engaging yet sarcastic dry wit that mixes sex with politics.....since those jokes almost write themselves!

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