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John Tole is an international touring performer, writer and broadcaster. This Austin Texas based comic

weaves tales of self discovery, positive life choices, and seeing the silver lining in every life experience.

Audiences love this ADHD, OCD, fast, take no prisoners style and while he may tip toe to the line of edgy

he consistently finds the pocket and keeps the audience not only laughing but on the edge of their seat.

Tole is your best friend entertaining your buddies and relatives in your backyard during a cook out and he

takes that same energy and attention and gives each show and audience a one of a kind feel.

John appeared on Howard TV and was the comedic backbone of The SOLD OUT Ronnie Mund Block

Party Tour, The Killers of Comedy Tour, The Miserable Men Tour and the Sal and Richard Comedy

Tour(Stern Show) and wrote and provided content to The Howard Stern Show, The Howard 100 News


Tole appeared in both the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Moontower Comedy Festivals, the 2013 Fun Fun Fun

Fest, The 2013 Hell Yes Fest and performed on the Airhead's Support Stage for the Oddball Comedy

Tour. John is creator, producer and host of both the Disrupt The Illusion podcast available on the

Podaholics Comedy Podcast Network and Cart Path Diem on the Tasty Podcast Network. Tole has also

appeared on The Naughty Show and episodes of Deathsquad Chronicles and The Houston Tour Podcast

on Deathsquad TV. Tole's second album and first release on Stand Up! Records "Reign In Laughs"

Adrian is described as, “Thinking peoples comedy”. Adrian has become a crowd favorite not just because of his onstage likability but also because he enjoys using his multi-ethnic background and intellectual wit to make audiences from all walks of life . Smart, smooth and surprising Adrian’s unique look and style make him the perfect complement for diverse audiences. In the past year Adrian has opened for Christopher Titus, Rob Schneider, Nick Cannon, Clayton English & Bert Kreischer.

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