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Nov 2nd COMEDY at The Bridges

About Todd (in a nutshell) To most people, growing up in Idaho isn't a life changing experience (well duh). But that is where Todd Johnson's comedy got its start (I thought it was at crispy creme). At a very young age, Todd learned to laugh at himself (everyone did), as well as those around him. During the early years of school, Todd was very quiet and chose to practice his comedy on cows, sheep, and other barnyard animals (I'm not going to even comment). Telling knock-knock jokes and one-liners to Holsteins quickly proved boring (so he ate em). After graduating and realizing that life existed outside of Idaho and it's animals (it took him 18 years to figure that out), Todd learned that people laughed at his jokes. And a comedian was born. Growing up in Idaho familiarized Todd with a variety of things. His observations of life's experiences are funny (especially when he's talking about himself), not in the way you would expect them to be, especially coming from a simple-minded boy from Idaho. His clean humor and the way he puts a mental image in your mind make you see a different side of life.

Did you hear the one about the female comic who walked into a comedy club? The one who didn’t talk about being fat, her period or resort to man-bashing? Well, you have now. Kate Brindle is her name, and you’ll be hearing it a lot in the near future. Described as “smart,” “original” and “hilarious,” she is a unique breath of fresh air on the comedy scene.Kate has performed her sarcastic yet upbeat and spunky style of comedy on the Canadian Broadcast Channel, Cox Cable and Comcast Cable. She advanced in the California’s Funniest Female Contest, and was featured in the International Great Plains Comedy Festival. She’s also opened for Dave Attell, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Pollak and Thea Vidale. Kate has been entertaining audiences at venues across the nation such as Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Jr.’s Last Laugh, Dr. Grins Comedy Club...and every bowling alley, basement and dive in between. An audience favorite, Kate brings to the stage her quick wit and impeccable timing. Whether she’s talking about her family (including her wannabe-gangbanger brother or stripper father), dating or making quirky observations of everyday life, Kate continues to charm crowds with her witty and sassy brand of humor.

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