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January 4 Comedy

Chris began his comedy career in 1993, at the Laffstop in Montclair Ca. He was a regular there for 3 years but in 1996, after marriage and the birth of his first child, his comedy career was put on hold. For 7 years not a joke was told...In 2003, he and

his wife separated and Chris decided to return to the stage. It took 3 years to return to form and build his act but he is now one

of the most sought after up and coming comic. He has done everything from host a televised show to going over seas to

entertain the troops. He has appeared, featured or headlined every major club. He has worked with such stars as George

Lopez, Chris Tucker, Carlos Mencia, Damon and Shawn Wayans and Hosted Faizon Love’s Televised Comedy Brawl comedy

competition. His comedy has been described as "A mixture of Don Wrinkles and Rodney Dangerfield.” He will tease and

stereotype everyone. As Chris says "God made everyone different for a I can have material!!!

Narcizo Gonzalez was born and raised in Burbank Ca "The Valley" where he knew all along the stage was his calling. He's a total Theater Nerd and Improv Dork and was a member of Playhouse West, Groundlings and lot's of community theater. Stand-up Comedy became something he literally just fell into. His very 1st open-mic he walked on stage and tripped on the mic cord and like he said "ATE IT". So embarrassed by what had just happen he knew he had to play it off by making fun of himself. Narcizo, approaches stand-up comedy from all aspects of life. From "Only in L.A jokes to being A Mexican, A Gay Mexican who grew up with all White people who butcher his name and call him NABISCO (a cracker) he knew he's found his comedic voice. In just 5years as a comic Narcizo has surpassed to a comedic level sharing the stage with lot's of well know comics. From San Francisco to San Diego Narcizo has shared his point of view on social behaviors,family and being "special" as his Dad calls him; He's a comedian to watch out for and whom you'll fall in love with.

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