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JULY 6th Comedy in the Backyard at Canyon Creek

David Testroet, a true veteran comedian with the Bio to prove it.

Born in Iowa, Testroet has an easy Mid-West delivery. With a quick laugh

and a shift of an eyebrow and soon you're in David's world. From Comedy

Clubs and Theaters across the United states and Canada to flying across seas 

for five different tours to entertain the U.S. Military. A fast and funny show

anyone can enjoy. Material that twists from

Darwin to Grizzlie bears and

sharp improvisation skills developed with over twenty years of stage

experience. A well established harmonica player, David has incorporated

this into his act. From rock and roll to his original songs like the Big Guy

Blues. A strong closer that even further separates David from other


David Gamble is not the average comedian. In a world more concerned with being woke than being funny, David bucks that trend by focusing on the jokes, and not the sentimentality. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and tackle topics that are often considered untouchable. Is he edgy? You bet. He doesn’t shy away from controversy, in fact, in many ways he thrives on it. He has clever writing and a dark but friendly style. More importantly, he never takes himself too seriously.In the short time that he has been performing comedy he has been seen at the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, The Columbus Comedy Festival, The Independence Comedy Festival and The World Series of Comedy. He was runner up in the Columbus Funny Bone Competition and a Semi Finalist in the Go Banana’s Comedy Contest. He has also toured extensively throughout the Midwest and various locations in California, New York and Colorado. Additionally, he appeared on the ultra popular comedy podcast, “Kill Tony”. David’s star is on the rise.


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