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MARCH 4 Comedy at The Bridges 8:00 PM

Sandra RIsser is smart, funny and older than Twinkies. She's eccentric not crazy, drives in the fast lane and can still bench press 500 grams. She believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and clean underwear.Through self-deprecating stories and one-liners, Sandra builds a bond with the audience. She entertains them with stories about her misspent youth, young adult antics and middle-aged adventures. As she relates tales about her ex-husband and life from an "older woman's" perspective, she's quick to point out "I'm not old. I'm used!", When she performs, audiences know they are hearing a unique comedic talent. Someone they will return to see again and again Sandra may not be famous, yet but*she's featured for comedians who have been on Saturday Night Live (Chris Kattan), Comedy Central (Paul Ogata) and Late Night with

David Letterman (Larry "Bubbles" Brown). She's opened for political satirist Will Durst and has performed one woman comedy shows in the Edinburgh Scotland, Brighton

England, Santa Cruz CA and Fresno CA Fringe Festivals.

Sandra is a rising star in comedy. She plans to live long enough to reach her comedic zenith and when she's 120 years of age, to win a gold medal in the "Sit Down/Standup."

in the Senior Olympics.

  • After over 10 years of playing the Genie in Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure, Dylan is “out of the blue” and on the road. He has been making people from all over the world laugh with his snarky Gen-X sensibility and his unique perspective on divorce, dating after fifty, depression, and everything in between. Be sure to follow Dylan on his social media, but not on the street ... cuz that’s creepy.


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