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October 8th Comedy will bring us back to The Bridges 8:00

Tobe Hixx

Born in Miami, Florida, Tobe Hixx was brought to Omaha, Nebraska at six months old to be raised by his grandparents. It was there that he was exposed to his first sampling of comedic genius, Richard Pryor. As a child he would sneak off with his friend to listen to the forbidden Pryor albums that he found absolutely hilarious.

As a skinny kid, Hixx was often teased and ridiculed by his peers. He would later turn to a life of crime that included gangs and selling crack. Says Hixx, “People don’t realize when you sell drugs, you’re just as addicted as the person using the drugs. [I was] addicted to the money and the lifestyle.” After stints in both state and federal prison, Hixx credits his first love, comedy, with saving his life. It was the hard times he overcame that helped him develop the thick skin he would need to survive as a comedian.

Hixx started his comedy career in San Diego, California where he was voted San Diego’s Funniest Man. Since then, Hixx has traversed the globe making audiences roar with laughter in over 15 countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan where he received the highest medal of recognition for entertaining American soldiers. His humble beginning remains a pertinent part of his story and a reminder to continue propelling forward. “Every time things get tough, shows get cancelled, it makes you think of the past.”

Hixx, who has a special penchant for being around for funny moments, gets most of his material form real life situations. He is most inspired by his grandparents, but acknowledges that his style is salted with influences of comedic heavyweights Pryor, George Carlin, Redd Foxx and Louis CK. He perfectly combines the honesty of Pryor’s personal tragedies, Carlin’s disposition for observation and knowledge, Foxx’s sharp attitude, and CK’s tenacity to take audiences on side-splitting journeys.

The LA Times writes: "Tobe Hixx is a true Comedian. Tobe works the crowd until everyone is laughing and he gets even funnier! Great Show! Tremendous artist worth every penny of admission." He has been seen on "The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno,” Fox's “Laughs,” LaffMobb's "We Got Next," “Comics Unleashed,” “Who Wants to Date a Comedian,” “The Doctors-Man Cave Segments”, BET's “Comic View,” “Operation Repo,” and “1000 Ways to Die,” in addition to numerous stand-up TV performances. Hixx is currently working on several writing projects and is set to release a new comedy CD this year.

Peter Sers is a comedian from Los Angeles, California. He began his entertainment

career as a professional dancer, and later transitioned into acting, and

eventually stand up comedy. He has been an entertainer his whole life, but what

he loves most is making people laugh.

In just three short years as a stand up comedian, Peter has performed at such

famous venues as The World Famous Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, and the Laugh

Factory. He has performed with some of the most famous comedians in the world,

such as Dane Cook, Bill Burr and Joe Rogan. Peters comedy is a collection of

stories from his personal life; family, relationships, and experiences living in

Hollywood. His infectious energy, fun take on things, and fun personality on

stage, always aim to please. He has appeared on MTV, Law and Order LA, and

several films.


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