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Stef Darnell is an Atlanta-raised stand-up comedian based in Albuquerque, NM. He got his start

while in the United States Air Force and has since traveled the country performing in front of diverse

audiences. Stef’s humor is steeped in his experiences in the military, his family, and all things “nerd.”

Stef has appeared on TV as co-host for New Mexico Entertainment TV, has been featured in

multiple magazines and has opened for Eddie Pepitone, Ray Porter, Alex Reymundo, Mo Alexander,

and Clayton English. You can catch Stef monthly at Dry Heat Comedy club where he hosts Word

Vomit, an impro/Stand-up Comedy game show, and Spoiled!, a Mystery Science Theater 3000-

esque comedy show.

Cody Ullrich is a comedian, born and raised in the famously golden-retriever-infested Denver, CO.

You may have read some of Cody's written work for Wessh News or Comedians are People, Too (And

Other Lies). You may have heard Cody on a Podcast like his own Whypothe$cal Podcast where he walks

guests through ridiculous scenarios. You may have tuned into Comedy 103.1 in Denver and heard Cody,

or gone to one of Comedy 103.1's live shows to see him perform. You may have seen Cody performing

live at a venue around your town as a guest or as a host. Cody has shared the stage with Comedians like

Adam Cayton-Holland (Those Who Can't), Nancy Norton (Boston Comedy Fes$val), and Jon Novosad

(Late Late Show) and you may just see him onstage near you.


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