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Comedy August 5th Canyon Creek Backyard

Rick Bryan is a stand up comedian from Denver, CO. He has performed at all of the clubs in Colorado

(Comedy Works South and Downtown, Denver Improv, Wit's End Comedy Club, Loonees Comedy Corner, and at the Downunder Comedy Club). He has headlined for Hyatt Evans Agency and features across the country for Entertainment Max and Tribble Run. Comedy clubs that Rick has featured for are the Denver Improv, Funnies Comedy Club in Oklahoma, Loonees Comedy Corner in Colorado Springs,

and the Laugh Factory in Chicago.

Rick has also performed in nationwide contests such as the Great American Comedy Festival, LaughTrack Comedy Festival and The World Series of Comedy.

On 09/11/2007 Rick was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This is when he started to think about a

career change into stand up comedy and pursue a life dedicated to making people laugh, after all

laughter is the best medicine– he found that doing Stand Up Comedy helped relieve the stress and

pain in his life!

He loves performing for audiences, enjoys being happy, and is happy when8

making others laugh!

Milly B. Bio

Milly is an emerging force in the Rocky Mountain regional comedy scene. In addion to performing, she

has been a comedy writer for several years, and she is also an arst, an athlete, and a mental health

professional. She brings a unique perspecve to the stage, with clever observaons and hilarious, fresh

exploraons of topics related to relaonships and societ


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