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JANUARY 6th COMEDY at The Bridges Golf Course at 8:00 pm

Jas Clay is a fun, engaging comedian, who likes to entertain all audiences, from comedy clubs and casinos to corporate functions and fundraisers.

He’s performed in comedy rooms all over the west coast like: Jokers Comedy Club, Stand Up Live, Hon-Dah Casino, Stand Up Scottsdale, Cocopah Casino, Tempe Improv, The Rio Hotel in Vegas, Santa Ana Star Casino, and The Comedy Spot.

Opening for different comics such as: Gilbert Gottfried, Whose Line is it Anyway’s Greg Proops, Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui, The Man Show’s Doug Stanhope, and more.

His quick witted and fast moving observations make for a fun-filled night of comedy with subjects ranging from relationships to family theme parks. Audiences love his interaction with them due to his enthusiastic nature and positive humor! Each show is unique from the next, making Jas one of the higher in-demand comedians in the southwest.

Paul Green can't figure out why people say he has "resting murderer face", or why Disney has never had a bald Prince! He desperately needs you to see what a charming romantic man he really is. Paul Green is not a fan of profanity or edgy content so if you want to see a show without offending your date bring them to see Paul Green Comedy.


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