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March 2, 2024 COMEDY at THE BRIDGES 8:00

Comedian Rick Izquieta showcased his stand-up comedy set in December 2013 on the Starz TV Network comedy show “STAANN' DUP!!”, hosted by Donnell Rawlings of Comedy Central's Dave Chappelle Show.  Rick has had the opportunity to be the voice for Black Belt TV's MMA fights, Montejo Beer commercial and was a regular guest on Playboy Radio.   You can also find Rick’s stand-up on Sirius Radio. 

Rick brings tons of laughter to the comedy shows and is one of the fastest growing comedians out there today performing at all the big clubs in L.A., Hollywood and other big cities.    You can follow Rick on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and You Tube.  Just search for RICK IZQUIETA.

Johnny Roque is a Southern Californian native who is a writer that sold a sketch to Comedy Central’s animated show Trip Tank and a stand-up comedian that has recorded a comedy album. He has worked with some of the best stand-up comedians in the business like Gabriel Iglesias on his Youtube show “Damn TV” that has over 100,000 subscribers. He has performed with comedians like Felipe Esparza, winner of Last Comic Standing and Joey “CoCo” Diaz who recently played Robert DeNiros trainer in “Grudge Match.” He has performed for the troops, churches, bars, colleges, and comedy clubs around the country.


Johnny Roque is raw and nerdy comedian that started performing comedy at 18 years old. As a once academic decathlon member that had a letterman in Wrestling and was a part of marching band led him to the conclusion that he is a nerd. A fan of pop culture, movies, video games, and mixed martial arts Johnny Roque loves to blend subjects that nobody would connect.  He has made subjects such as scotch tape, living with his parents, and his future wife hilarious to audiences of every kind.


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