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NOVEMBER 4th COMEDY at The Bridges

Dave Ppl Personal Bio

Dave Ppl (pronounced ‘people’) is an L.A. based musical comedian.

His whimsical, vaudevillian style of storytelling through song

captivates any crowd. Utilizing wigs and hats to play diferent

characters, Dave creates a number of hilarious and

complex perspectives.

Growing up as a metal singer and guitarist, Dave Ppl channels the

tight stylings of Metallica along with the playful, theatrical feel of

Queen, the whole while cracking his audience up. Think Bohemian

Rhapsody on laughing gas.

From full-blown original anthems, to fun little ditties, parodies, and

impressions, Dave has more than plenty to keep you not only

laughing, but recanting his songs well after the show experience.

Dave Ppl is an artist through and through. A writer. A singer. An

actor. A musician. A clown. He wears all of these hats and more to

make sure your experience is one you will never forget!

Reece Muniz is a fast rising comedian based out of phoenix. he performs regularly at the top comedy

clubs in the Valley of the sun and has shared the stage with some of comedies greatest. His comedy is

based on his view of life as a Latino, relationships, and more


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