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May 6th Comedy at Canyon Creek Bed & Breakfast 8:00

  • Steve Gastineau - Steve is a success story waiting to happen! He has spent thelast 15 years entertaining audiences with his sharp, social commentary and his unique outlook. He has a perception of ordinary that makes him say "what's the deal?." He's been a favorite at clubs and colleges from Anchorage to Key West and Cincinnati to Tucson. For young and old alike, Steve has repeatedly proven himself to be a fantastic and professional addition to any show.

“My father used to tell me,

“Son, I love you but you’re an

idiot”. Of course, I am

exaggerating. He never said he loved me...”

Andy Johnson has been entertaining people nearly his entire life, in one

form or another. His rst experience doing comedy was a talent show in the

8th grade. “They laughed and I was hooked” he says. He didn’t start doing

comedy again until he was in his thirties, but he had been entertaining his

coworkers and frustrating his supervisors that entire time. One manager

even took him aside and said, “you may be one of the worst employees I’ve

ever had, but I keep you around because you’re so damn funny”.

& “I still think of myself as a farmer’s kid from Minnesota.” His comedy ranges

from absurd insights about his everyday life as the middle-aged father of

three strong willed adult children, to his life growing up with his parents on

the farm, and everything in between. He can be seen around Northern

Colorado and Denver on a regular basis.


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