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10th SEASON at Canyon Creek B&B JUNE 4th at 8:00

David James Spaliaras is an incredibly quick witted comedian hailing from the biggest town in Indiana, Merrillville. He has a degree in Theater from Indiana University and is a graduate of the conservatory program at Chicago's legendary "The Second City". He mixes in his talent of singing, funny voices, dialects, and impersonation ability with his comical view on everyday things that happen in our life. He's a handsome bearded man with the voice of angel that enjoys making people laugh.

Zako Ryan is a “nothing is off limits” comic rising through the ranks in the Chicago comedy scene. A former military vet, college graduate, and Engineer, Zako is now a full-time actor/comedian. Most notably Zako is a producer at the Laugh Factory and the host of the hit roast battle show “Burnt”.

Zako has appeared at Zanies, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Bar, The Improv, The World Series of Comedy and the House of Blues.


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