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COMEDY back to Canyon Creek Backyard May 4, 24 8:00 PM


Freddy Charles started his stand-up comedy career in 1984 at the Hyatt on Sunset,

in Hollywood where he was a regular. It wasn’t long until he was headlining comedy

clubs around the U.S. and Canada. He’s appeared at the M.G.M. Grand, Riviera, and

Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. He mounted a one man show “The Love is There”, in

Montreal during the 1997 Just for Laughs Festival.

Freddy was a regular at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood throughout the nineties. He

was a contributing editor to “Laugh Factory Magazine”.

Freddy has appeared on Showtime’s, “Showtime Comedy Club Network”, “Make Me

Laugh”, and numerous commercials including Jeff Foxworthy’s “Redneck Video”. Fred 

was also featured on a Halloween special; N.B.C.’s “Witches, Werewolves and


 “Art Gets Fired”, is a short film Freddy wrote and starred in. He also wrote and

hosted “Escape and Beyond”, a one hour television special. In 2009 Freddy’s THE

BIT, won “Best Screenplay” at the Castle Rock Film Festival. Freddy has been

featured in short films including; “The Bus Boy”, “Turnaround”, “Connect the Dots”,

and “The Eyes of an Enemy”

Christine is a comedian and writer from Denver, CO. She has performed at comedy

clubs across the U.S. including Comedy Works, The Improv, and 3E’s Comedy Club.

She has performed at The Chief Festival in Trinidad, CO, and the Cow Town Comedy 

Festival in Greeley, CO. She has worked with many big names in comedy including

Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca, Lynn Koplitz, Vanessa Fraction, Sam Tallent, and

Brandt Tobler. She hosts a weekly open mic on Tuesdays at the Tavern on 26th Ave,

and several monthly showcases around Colorado


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