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FUN FEBRUARY 3rd... Comedy at The Bridges 8:00


Tommy Black has carved out quite a reputation for himself as Stand-Up Comedian. The transition from one of the Southwest’s most highly regarded radio and nightclub DJ to stand-up comic came easily for Tommy, who had become known for his quick wit and larger than life persona. Before long he was performing in larger venues in major cities across the Southwest and opening for some of the most popular acts in comedy. He has since shared the stage Mike Epps, The late

John Witherspoon, Eddie Gri0n, Luenel, Earthquake, Aries Spears from Mad Tv, Faizon Love and Ken Jeong. A proud

father of 2 girls, Army Veteran and a celebrated DJ. Tommy Black is now focused on making a name for himself in the comedy world. He says his ability to read a crowd and adapt on the 7y - learned while being a DJ in some of the hottest clubs from Las Vegas to Denver to El Paos and New Mexico- has made him a better comedian.

Otis Hicks a National Touring Comedian that has performed on Improvs and other Statewide Stages. He’s 

Funny and down to earth it’s all about laughter and people. A Big-Headed Comedian with goals of

having Netflix Special with worldwide and sold-out shows.


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