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COMEDY Show in February


Comedian Rick Izquieta showcased his stand-up comedy set in December 2013 on the Starz TV Network comedy show “STAANN' DUP!!”, hosted by Donnell Rawlings of Comedy Central's Dave Chappelle Show. Rick has had the opportunity to be the voice for Black Belt TV's MMA fights, Montejo Beer commercial and was a regular guest on Playboy Radio. You can also find Rick’s stand-up on Sirius Radio.

Rick brings tons of laughter to the comedy shows and is one of the fastest growing comedians out there today performing at all the big clubs in L.A., Hollywood and other big cities. You can follow Rick on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and You Tube. Just search for RICK IZQUIETA.

Eddie Tafoya has been a regular on the comedy show circuit since November 2002. In addition to working regularly at clubs such Laffs in Albuquerque, Laffs in Tucson, and Wits End in Denver, Tafoya also works full time as a professor of creative writing and American literature at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where he teaches classes in stand-up comedy as literature. Tafoya is known for his hilarious takes on dysfunctional families, gay marriage, and this crazy thing we call “race” in America. In 2009, BrownWalker Press published Tafoya’s book The Legacy of the Wisecrack: Stand-up Comedy as the Great American Literary Form. His current project is a book an African-American comedic icons entitled A Joke of a Different Color, which will be published in 2011.


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