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March 7th Comedy

Marc Yaffee is the Co-star of the Showtime special, Goin’ Native. Marc can be seen on FNX, Amazon Prime and heard on SiriusXM. His new Dry Bar Comedy special, Mid-Laugh Crisis, has been viewed over 4 million times online. Marc has performed six times overseas for Armed Forces Entertainment and he won the Ventura Comedy Festival’s Funniest Person Contest in 2012. Marc may be the only comedian with air, land and sea credits. He’s entertained Alaska Airlines passengers at 30,000 feet; performed on a flat-bed truck for U.S. Marines in Iraq while getting his head shaved; and done comedy for Holland America Cruise Line passengers.

Myk has been making people laugh for nearly three decades, so a couple of years ago he decided to start telling jokes. He started out in radio at the height of the "Disco Era", he survived "Punk", reveled in "Glam Rock, suffered through "Light Rock", probably caused "Grunge" and is now "Classic". He had the highest rated Talk Show on the Island of Guam and is the only old, fat, white guy to be invited back to the "Def Comedy Jam"... he thought it was the "Def Leppard Comedy Jam". Myk has a unique way of looking at life and has found humor in everything from shoveling out horse stalls to watching his house crumble in the recent earthquake. After sharing time with Myk you will be thankful that all of that stuff didn't happen to you and the fact that two drinks are just the minimum. Myk can take everyday occurrences and turn them into something to laugh at. He brings a lifetime of experiences that others won't discuss and uses it to break your funnybone. He has trod the boards doing Shakespear, fielded political questions doing talk radio in Hawaii and Guam, and is still ready to tell you how he ended up naked and bleeding in the bathtub with a beer in his hand. So leave your inhibitions at the door, and join Myk for a trip down the Myrth Highway. It's like reminiscing with people you don't know.

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