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MAY 7th Comedy 8:00

Barry’s beginnings were unusual. After graduating from Northwestern University and completing

a successful run in the famous Mee-Ow show (who’s celebrity members have included Julia

Louis Dreyfus, Dermot Mulroney, George Newborn, Craig Bierko, Seth Meyers, and Ana

Gasteyer), his brother dared him to go onstage at an open mic to do a routine. Barry was hit that

night, and knew that stand-up comedy was his next mountain to climb.

Barry learned from the best comedians in the country. Jerry Seinfeld was a regular. He watched

people like Bill Maher, Ellen Degeneres, Paul Reiser, and Tim Allen just to name a few. Barry

learned by not only watching these comics but by being a good listener when these comics would

talk comedy.

Barry’s style is clean, high energy, and relationship material was a hit in almost every market. He

quickly moved up the comedy ladder and was on cable and network tv, from MTV, NBC,

Comedy Central, and VH-1. Barry’s act was noticed by a production company that loved his

Counselor of Love persona, and his act is currently being shopped as a sitcom called The

Counselor of Love that Barry wrote along with his partner Dan Patterson, who was creator and

executive producer of Who’s Line Is It Anyway

Alyssa Poteet is a nationwide performing standup comedian, a Meisner trained actress, a Groundlings and UCB trained improviser, a writer and creator of original content, and a classically trained singer.

Alyssa moved to Los Angeles from a small Chicago suburb after receiving a scholarship to USC’s Industrial & Systems Engineering program. After learning the most efficient ways to make corporations rich and doing work for the country’s largest manufacturer of prison locks, she decided making people laugh was a more effective (and less miserable) way to make the world a better place.

Since then, Alyssa’s had a promising start to her young comedy career. She won 1st place in the Future is Female Comedy Contest in 2021, Judges Favorite at Flapper’s Comedy Club’s Uncle Clyde’s Contest in 2020, and 3rd place at the US Comedy Contest in 2018. She’s also performed in numerous festivals, including: SLO Comedy Festival, Alaskan B4UDie Comedy Festival, Portland Comedy Festival, AV Comedy Festival, AMG International Comedy Festival, and Burbank Comedy Festival. Alyssa’s performed in various comedy clubs, including: Laugh Factory (Hollywood (and Reno?)), The Comedy Store (Hollywood), Hollywood Improv Lab, LA Comedy Club (Las Vegas), and Zanies (Rosemont).

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